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Eight Ways To Save Money Using Your Heat Pump

  1. The best way to use a heat pump is to keep the setting low (18ºC or – 20ºC). Don’t set your heat pump to the maximum – it won’t heat the room any quicker, but it will use more energy. Programme it to turn on 15 minutes before you need it instead.*
  2. Prepare your heat pump for winter with a heat pump clean.
  3. Clean both your indoor and outdoor heat pump filter regularly – at least once a year. It’s simple and quick to do this yourself unless the placement of the outside unit is difficult to get to.
  4. Only heat the space you’re using. Don’t have heat pumps going in bedrooms or in rooms you’re not using.
  5. Turn off your heat pump when it’s not in use. It can run for as long as you need, but make sure you switch it off when you’re not using it.
  6. Close doors and curtains to keep the heat in.
  7. If you can, get your house insulated. The better insulated your home, the better it will hold the heat and the more energy efficient the heat pump will be.
  8. Use the timer function to heat the space 15 minutes before you use it, or invest in a Smart WiFi controlled heat pump so you can control it remotely using an App on your Smart phone.

* The recommended temperature is 18ºC or 20ºC for children, or the elderly, and 16ºC for bedrooms overnight.